Shelly 1 UL

Control almost any electrical circuit – 12vdc, 24-60vdc, 110-240vac, even contactors

A singe channel 15-amp relay with dry contacts. The best choice when customers seek to control either 12v DC or a different voltage level than the Shelly’s power supply.

Shelly 1PM UL

Accurate power measurement and control for lighting, outlets, and many other circuits, with the ability to add external temperature, humidity, and other sensors.

A singe channel 15-amp relay with power measurement and additional safety features – over wattage and over temperature protection. When connected to Shelly’s free Cloud service, the Shelly 1PM can store over one year of historical power consumption data.

Shelly 2.5 UL

Dual channel switch/roller shutter with power monitoring

Smart relay with two independently controllable 10-amp channels. Shelly 2.5 has power measurement, over wattage protection, and over temperature protection, as well as free historical data storage and charts. Roller shutter mode for use with motorized blinds, curtains, and shutters. Controls two light switches on the same phase.