Shelly Motion

Always connected Wi-Fi Motion Sensor with over 1 year of battery life.

A new generation motion sensor powered by Silicon Labs Wi-Fi IoT solutions. Equipped with the lowest power-consuming Wi-Fi modem in mass production in the world.  With 256 levels of motion sensitivity and 128 levels of vibration sensitivity with tamper detection.

Shelly Flood

Wi-Fi water sensor with temperature measurement

Shelly Flood will send an immediate notification in case of any unexpected leaks. The built-in temperature sensor will report in case of temperature fluctuations, making Shelly Flood perfect for floor heating control. No wiring, easy control, and compatibility with other devices in the home network. Shelly Flood is ideal for all places where leakage is possible, adding an additional layer to the home security.

Shelly H&T

Wi-Fi Humidity & Temperature sensor with long-lasting battery life

With the size of a golf ball, the tiny, but powerful Shelly H&T monitors changes in humidity and temperature. The slightest change in conditions will send an immediate notification to the user. Reveal the full potential of Shelly H&T by combining it with other devices on the network! Get the Shelly H&T to activate custom scenes in case of temperature/humidity fluctuations.

Shelly Door/Window 2

Wi-Fi Door and Window sensor with LUX measurement and lightening fast response

Shelly Door/Window 2  is designed to detect and report the opening and closing of doors and windows. Its compact design allows it to be easily installed on any door or window. Reveal the full potential of the Shelly Door/Window 2 by combining it with other devices from the network!

Shelly Button 1

WiFi-operated action and scenes activation button

Shelly Button1 is a small and convenient Wi-Fi scenes activation button that enables up to 4 different actions. USB rechargeable and waterproof with IPX5 certification.