Temperature Add-On

The Shelly Temperature Add-On is an accessory that plugs into the header of the Shelly 1 or 1PM, allowing you to connect one, two, or three DS18B20 temperature probes, as well as to a single DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor, or even a reed switch. These inputs allow Shelly 1/1PM to use sensor data to trigger the internal relay, send commands to other devices, or transmit sensor data to your automation or IoT platform.

Shelly Bypass

Shelly Bypass is used with the Shelly Dimmer 2 or Shelly 1L in wiring scenarios where a neutral wire is not present and the circuit’s load doesn’t provide enough power to properly operate the Shelly device. If the Shelly is wired into a lighting circuit without neutral and the lamps flicker or stay dimly lit when the circuit is turned off, Shelly Bypass will correct the problem.

RC Snubber

RC Snubber suppresses voltage spikes and damper ringing caused by circuit inductance in switched circuits. Ceiling fans/motors, lamp ballasts, power converters, and other inductive loads can cause a surge when switched on (inrush current or inductive kick), which is suppressed by RC Snubber, reducing the current and allowing a slower transition.

Shelly H&T USB Power Supply

Shelly H&T’s USB power supply allows more frequent data updates while also eliminating the need to install batteries in the sensor. When powered by battery, Shelly H&T makes a regular 12 hour report, as well as whenever temperature or humidity change exceeds a set value determined by the user. By using the USB power supply in place of batteries, the reporting time increases from 12 hours to 10 minutes.